In the beginning of the family's history was Alphonse GROS. He was born in 1804 in Chaux a village in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, located 2 kilometers north of Nuits-Saint-Georges.

In 1830, he married Julie LATOUR and settled in Vosne, in a house bought to the TROUVE family, at 3 rue des communes. They had two sons. One of them, Louis-Gustave, married Reine GUENAUD, and took over his father. He is one of the first wine grower on the coast who put the wine into bottles to sell wine directly to individuals. In 1882 he bought 2 hectares of Richebourg.

 Jules, his son, married Jeanne RENAUDOT. In 1920, he bought for his son Louis, the only one of his two sons who came back from WWI, severely injured, two parcels of Clos Vougeot when Léonce BOCQUET's personal property was sold.

 A few years later, Julie bought a parcel named les Grands Echezeaux

and she has, for the rest of his life, her goal has been the regrouping of a 3 hectare parcel in les Echezeaux, located at the place name les Loächausses. Louis died in 1951. his four children farmed the domaine in joint ownership until 1963, and then shared it:

Gustave and Colette united their shares to create the domaine named GROS Frère et Soeur. Nowadays, this domaine is farmed by Bernard, their nephew

Jean and François united their shares and worked together until 1973, their domaine was named GROS Père et Fils. Jean then created the Domaine Jean GROS, and François created the Domaine François GROS

The Domaine Jean GROS was mistantled after the 1995 vintage, when Jean retired. The Domaine was then shared among his three children. The Domaine François GROS has been taken over by his only daughter Anne GROS. When François died, the name of the domaine changed and became Domaine Anne GROS