« Men have to adapt to the climate and the places so that the vineyard provide quality worthy of the reputation of the terroir »

Many operations are carried out on the vineyard the whole year round in order to restrict the grape yields; that brings the best maturing to grapes. Thanks to photosynthesis, the sun synthesizes sugars and phenolic compounds, which provide the colors and aromas of wine.

Vine Pruning: whether the pruning method is Guyot or Cordon de Royat, only eight buds are left on each vine stock

Disbudding: the removal of other buds increases the quantity of sap provided to the main bud

Leaves rising: this process increases the insolated leaf areas and restricts the accumulation of leaves. This prevents diseases.

Vine trimming: when the terminal bud is cut, a process of sugar storages is triggered. Dy doing this, sugars aren't used to grow leaves any longer, they grow the permanent parts, such the grape bunches.

Geen harvesting: only a few grape bunches are left on each vine stock - before the venaison- so that sugars focus on the selected grape bunches.

Leaf removal: leaves are removed at the height of the grape bunches, on the sunrise side, so that grapes are not burnt by the sun and the distances between grape bunches are reasonable. This prevents diseases, which cause rot.